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Madness Combat 6.5 Madness Combat 6.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It gets better and better...

To all the morons who complain "It's the same shit, it's boring." Krinkels isn't obligated to impress you. If you don't like it stop watching it. It is still a very thrilling and enjoyable series.

You can tell that every episode Krinkels out does himself. New weapons, new styles of fighting and new styles of animation. The 9,542 frames he committed to the animation should give you a clue that he enjoys what he is doing and will probably (and hopefully) continue with the series.

A few things i did notice. The length of the episodes are gradually increasing, the plot is opening up (if you noticed the Jebus was working with the auditor and decided to quit omg!) and there is a connection you feel with our two hero's (forgot the names). I thought it was pretty funny the scene at the cloths store.

Krinkels don't stop!

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Madness Combat 5.5 Madness Combat 5.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Things to consider..

This is not a review against or anything bad about the animation, in fact I liked it ALOT! But throughout the series i can't help but notice.

Within the latest episodes, (5-9) things really seem to be out of place. With the bringing of the Auditor, the crumbling background etc. does the madness series seem to be taking a turn into an odd plot that only the Krinkels will understand.
But in the earlier episodes (1-4) you just get the feeling of cat and mouse. Hank chasing and killing the sheriff and such. But here is where i question.

There has to be more meaning between the Sheriff and the auditor. Once the Sheriff finally dies starts this crazy occurrences caused by the Auditor. So was the sheriff being some kind of balance?

Thats probably why "Jebus" (or the savior) killed hank. Jebus knew that the death of the sheriff would turn to this, so that is why Jebus kills Hank AND also hunts, and attempts to kill the Auditor.

Recently I looked up the what an Auditor was and it is "a person authorized to audit accounts; a public official who audits government accounts, distributes revenues, assesses real-estate, inspects scales, etc." So I can assume, (telling from what i have seen so far.) he is managing this world he has built, (that many of us has seen controlling in episode 8) but once Jebus blew up his master controls he inevitably led to the destruction of the world set by the Auditor.

Hank.. or the other two... I really have no idea what their role is.

Well that's just my speculation, now i can just be COMPLETELY wrong and just sound like a dumbass but like i said. This is only what i believe.

Keep up the good work Krinkels!

-Mr. Fig

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EFN Episode 3: Purpose EFN Episode 3: Purpose

Rated 5 / 5 stars

4.34? really (long review sorry!)

This show was absolutely beast...
The story (so far) is not hard to follow and is REALLY creative..
The main character's are well presented and the description of the side contestants such as Ysef was perfect. (noted it doesn't revile every detail about the character but IT DOESN'T NEED TO! The very fact that he is just another victim for this competition is mind bobbling and crazy!)
The animation was orgasmic. (not exaggerating)
The tone and setting of the animation was dark and great!
The series is sky rocketing and you had me since the first one...
Good work and KEEP IT UP PLEASE!!!!
-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

(P.S. And I am going to go ahead and say how the heck did this get a 4.34 and only one trophy... Compared to many of the animations posted on newgrounds this I believed reached the top. What others see that I don't baffles me and I believe you deserve more for the work you put into this...)

BedClock and PizzaClock BedClock and PizzaClock

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Another clock group?

alright... alright...
That was fail.
The animation was BAD!!!
The graphics were tearful.
The joke was bad.
The timing was short.
I dont know what it is about these "clock" flashes but they are truly going down hill.

-Mr.Figgy Mcfigginstein

BedClock responds:


How to Work Newgrounds How to Work Newgrounds

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

How to work on animation...

That was an interesting view of how to work newgrounds.
Unfortunately there are nothing but a bunch of spammers that put alot of random stuff on newgrounds.
I wonder....
To the review.
The idea was already there you dont need to SPELL it out for us.
The animation was bad.
The joke is overused.
The point of newgrounds (in my opinion) is to either win a competition. Or use your fellow newgrounders reviews to better yourself at flash and eventually end up with a front page-er.
(Don't Blam me for giving an ACTUAL REVIEW)

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

Vampire Story Vampire Story

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

vampires eh?

This was movie sucks as much as vampires do LOL (dont judge me on the joke). But seriously...
The animation was poor. And the little movement there was, was REALLY choppy.
The graphics were bad and considering the lack of animation you could have AT LEAST made it really graphical and artistic unfortunately you didn't.
It was way to short.
The idea of it was bad. The goth look was descent but it does NOT fit well with the vampire story. (at least in my opinion of vampires)
Overall it was pretty lousy the concept of man being the cause of pain is not new and the animation was bad.
If you can convince me otherwise with the new one you claim to be making my opinion will stick.
(Don't Blam me for rating based on what I see.)

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

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AwesomeIam responds:

Ok well. I know it was bad, but a one? I think it deserved about a 4 at least. I've seen higher ratings on those shitty duck movies.

Raiden vs Esmeralda Raiden vs Esmeralda

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


This one is a lot better then the other one but it has flaws.
Using sprites I find cheating and animating fight scenes should be a lot easier however, you don't seem to know how to use them.
A lot of the hedgehogs movements is covered up by overused and over powering.
Too many grammatical errors even if its on purpose it is really unnecessary.
Some things were not fully shown on the screen.
Over all the animation was descent but you could have done more.

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

lordchrome375 responds:

you have any tips

Sonic Fights Intro Sonic Fights Intro

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I can tell that you are new at sprites and I can respect that.
First off I like the choice of song but it sounded really fuzzy and hard to hear.
The animation was pretty bad. The motion was too quick and lazy.
There were no sound effects for the blasts or hits or what ever but that is understandable.
The plot was not there at all.
It was just another sonic flash attempt.
I am only being honest so dont shoot me down.

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

lordchrome375 responds:

thanks me and my friend will get to work on that

Nasty Pig Nasty Pig

Rated 5 / 5 stars

funny no, symbolic yes

what a lot of people fail to understand *cough* YungJazz *cough* is that not ALL animations were meant to be funny.
This animation i see is very symbolic (you guys can found out on your own!)
It was very creative and well animated.
It was not too short. The message was very clear. It was a bit humorous.
Because so many people are familiar with krinkels "Madness combat series" it is no surprise to me that they rate you so harshly just because it is not what they are used to seeing from you.

They think "Hey krinkels made it, it must be funny and violent." unfortunately they get a deep toned animation that actually makes them think THEN they go "This isn't the random violence I'm used too I HATE THIS"

I really liked it. And I for one have total respect for your ideas. (For those of you thinking "Hey he is just a krinkels fan suck up trying to look cool" that is misconception, I am only speaking the facts and if you have problem well too bad =3!)

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

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Madness Mask 1 Madness Mask 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not that cool...

Its not surprising to see many madness tributes these days so seeing this wasn't that exciting.
The idea behind it was no that original.
The animation was SLOW!!!
The effects were not all that great.
The animation was sloppy and dragged.
The white square was not intentional (i hope) so i let it slide.
Above all it was just another tribute.

-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein